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Tara came to Canada in 2000 as a refugee. She has worked tirelessly throughout her life making ends meet to support her children. Countless years of working minimum wage full-time have made her pursue her dream of owning her own flower shop. 

The name of the company originated from Tara's refugee sponsor Sandy. Tara has not had an easy life but Sandy has always been there for her through the difficult times.

She is extremely grateful to each and every customer whom she has helped out throughout the years. Tara had her own flower shop in Winchester, Ontario and now she will be opening up her own shop in the coming future.

Tara is eager to grow this business so that she can continue helping the most vulnerable members of our society with her son.




  • Master Designer - Langdon's Flowers


  • Master Designer - Ottawa Flowers


  • Florist Diploma


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