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How To Order Online! 

First Steps

Once you have selected your product or products, you will click "Add to Cart" a Pop-up section will come up to select details for that product like "Price" , "Style" , "Type" and "Let us know the theme or occasion to help our florists meet your needs (optional)"


or you will see a Pop-up section on the right side of your screen prompting you to click "View Cart" then the page will change to the "Cart Page"

Types Sandy's Flowers More.jpg

Second Steps
"Cart Page"

Here you will be have the avability to add your "Card Message" click it and a text box will appear.


Below you can add other products to your order while you are here. Then click "Checkout" 

Check Out Details 1.jpg

Third Steps - RECEIVERS INFORMATION "Customer Details"

First section of the check out "Customer Details" Please fill in your email and all below that please put all the information of WHO YOU ARE SENDING the products to. Then click "Continue" 

Address Input - Apartments & Condos - Aways PUT UNIT NUMBER FIRST, so that our address finder can pull up exact match you can click on.

Remeber if order is further than 6 days away, fill in the section "Type in date you want delivered if over 6 days away." with future date details. 

Final Steps!

1 - Customer & delivery details 

2 - Delivery Method

3 - Payment 

4 - Review & Place Order

Multiple Steps in this page - You have access to "Delivery Method" Please select delivery or store pick up date. Then Click "Continue" 

Under Payment section - Fill out your card details and MOST IMPORTANTLY Uncheck "Same as delivery address" and fill in all your personal billing address details.


Then your online ordering is all SETUP making sure we know who is getting the product and who is the customer paying for it. 



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